About Us

TuAsistente is a personal assistance service, addressed to all those individuals that value their time and prefer to dedicate it to those things that are more satisfying in their lives, leaving us in charge of the tasks that take great part of their day.

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Monthly Subscription

The monthly subscription provides three alternatives:

  • Permanent Assistance
  • Weekly Assistance
  • Concierge

Learn more about each alternative

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Specific Services

If you don’t have a monthly subscription, we offer all the services described in the menu, individually.

We have separated the services based on their categories and each category has a differenciated rate

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Services for Senior Citizens

As part of the Specific Services Menu, we also provide assistance to senior citizens.

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TuAsistente is the most intelligent way of handling those weekly duties without the need of doing them yourself.

We are organized, reliable and intuitive individuals that can handle your daily needs, from doing your groceries, dry cleaning, seamstress, to picking up or sending your packages.
Our purpose is to simplify the lives of executives, homemakers and senior citizens, with an expedite, effective and trustworthy service.

We help you achieve more and live better!


  • Simplifies your life
  • Grants you tranquility
  • Provides quality of life
  • Liberates valuable time
  • Promotes balance between personal/professional life
  • Incites high levels of concentration and productivity at your workplace
  • Releases quality time for your family and friends
  • Builds peace at home
  • Enhances family relations
  • Improves home organization
  • Enables time and dedication for the proper upbringing of children (adults of tomorrow)
  • Improves health since it diminishes daily stress
  • Awards time for personal projects
  • At last you will have time for yourself!
  • Ultimately, it allows you to go home happy!