About Us

TuAsistente is a personal assistance service, addressed to all those individuals that value their time and prefer to dedicate it to things that are more satisfying in their lives, leaving us in charge of the tasks that take great part of their day. There’s always too much to do but not enough time….TuAsistente is the intelligent way to face those weekly tasks without the need of doing them yourself.

We are prepared, organized, reliable, intuitive individuals that can handle all your daily needs: from doing your groceries, dry cleaning, taking your clothes to the seamstress to picking up or sending your packages. Let TuAsistente handle your chores and go home happy!

Our purpose is to simplify the lives of executives, homemakers and senior citizens, with an expedite, effective and trustworthy service. We help you achieve more and live better!


TuAsistente appears as an answer to an existing need; it emerges from a real life experience.

The founders of TuAsistente Mónica Azofeifa and Alexandra García, are not that different from you: Busy professionals trying to find time between their work and all the necessary daily errands: groceries, dry cleaning, gift purchases, public and private procedures, bill payments, etc.…You know exactly what we mean!

Friends for many years, both shared the same frustrating feeling: Free time cannot be a luxury! It’s a right–a reward for hard work! It’s not possible that we spend our day running errands! And where did my time go? When do I get to do what I want? When do I rest?

On January 2015, after having talked in several opportunities and exchanging ideas, they decided they wouldn’t let their daily chores interfere in their lives in such a way so this is where TuAsistente was born, as an alternative to improve your quality of life. Now they leave TuAsistente in charge of their tasks, while they focus on their jobs and enjoy the free time they missed so much.

Since then it turned into a professional project, an innovating idea which they arduously worked on in order to create the first personal assistance of this type in Costa Rica, since they consider that, everybody, including themselves, deserve free time and should enjoy it doing what they like!

Extra help is translated into extra time and this means freedom to live your life as you please!

A little assistance is a gift everybody should give to oneself!!!!


Improve our clients’ quality of life providing them tranquility and joy, since we liberate their time and simplify their lives when solving their needs.


Serve the entire Great Metropolitan Area (GMA) with a cost-effective approach and expand our services to Central America, providing satisfaction and well-being to our clients and coworkers